Interface Biosciences

Defining the future of microbiome therapeutics.

Interface Biosciences is a platform therapeutics company leveraging the microbiome to treat inflammatory disease.

We are driven by the conviction that microbial products will define the future of therapeutics and how we study human health and medicine. Given the previous technological limitations of high throughput culturing and metabolomics for human derived microbes, the chemical space remains largely untapped with enormous potential. The pipeline Interface Bio is built upon alleviates this bottleneck and specializes in three key components: 1) culturomics for growing microbial isolates and small communities, 2) metabolomics of microbial supernatants to create feature sets of microbial natural products, and 3) systems immunology to screen for disease-relevant pharmaceutical scaffolds.

It’s no secret the microbiome has not yet been effectively integrated into modern medicine.

This is largely due to technical limitations.

Interface Bio’s hybrid experimental and computational pipeline effectively alleviates these key bottlenecks.

We mine the microbial chemical space for the next blockbuster small molecule drug.